Employment Exchange of India

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It was because of the stress that the world war caused that the existence of Employment Service was seen in India. up to the period of the last part of 1946, by Employment service facilities meant those personnel who were involved in mobilisation or workers who were now discharged after war.

By Employment Exchange is meant a body or organisation, which is responsible to provide assistance in getting employed, especially for such students who register their names with it, and this is done looking at the qualification and experience. Employment departments in various Indian states required pre-registration of those youth who were educated but unemployed, so that they could be given jobs that got created in different departments of a particular state. Checking of job status was possible online for those who had registered in some states. Some states’ exchanges also allowed job seekers registered with them to search jobs by themselves and make updates on their resumes. Exchanges also allow employers to put up vacancies and choose candidates having their names registered, according to their suitability and requirements. In order to get the job opportunities, both unemployed people as well as those who are seeking better options can register their names in their own states. By such processes, there is a better coordination between the employers and the prospective employees.

Not much is required to be done for registration with employment exchanges. An application form is filled up which is available online or get it from the local employment exchange office. Attested copies of various experiences as well as certificates telling about qualifications, photographs and curriculum vitae are required to be submitted along with the application form. One would be required to show identity proofs like ID cards or passport or even ration card at the exchange in the local region. A registration number is provided after the registration is done.