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Employment exchanges in Andhra Pradesh, like any other state, have been built under the rules and regulations of the centre which proposed for a uniform system of employment services in the state. Being a highly populated state, Andhra Pradesh needs sufficient number of employment opportunities to help the candidates who are unemployed to get the suitable opportunities which will enable them to get into jobs according to their educational qualifications. For this purpose, many employment exchanges in Andhra Pradesh were set up by the state government which will work together in coordination to provide the jobs to the unemployed youth who are registered with their individual offices in the districts.

The process of providing the registration number is by coming to the respective exchanges and filling up a form. According to the qualifications, the candidates are required to submit their forms and also provide the different documents and take back a number. At a later date, these candidates will be called to the respective offices of employment exchanges for the verification of their data. At this time they are required to carry their original documents to support their claims and then get a permanent registration.

From time to time, these registration numbers will have to be renewed by the respective employment exchanges. For this purpose, many candidates are coming up so that they get registered initially to be able to get jobs at a later date. Only those candidates who are registered with the employment exchanges can be eligible for the upcoming jobs in the state and therefore it is every essential that these candidates be brought to the exchanges and they can then become eligible for being called for the upcoming vacancies. After registering with the exchanges, the companies can select the candidates and they will be forwarded with the names of the respective candidates.

There are many government agencies as well as private companies who want their vacancies to be filled up. In order to get the candidates from the list of the employment exchanges, these agencies will have to register their names first with the exchanges. In this case only, the names of the registered candidates with the suitable educational qualifications would be forwarded to the agencies. They can then go for their respective modes of selection. This coordination between the employers and the prospective employees is a means to ensure that the employment process goes on smoothly and the unemployment rate is reduced in the state.