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The employment market is changing fast and there are increasing growth options in the developing economy, so that people get opportunities for information on employment in wage sectors as well as self employment, especially for those who are seeking jobs. Economic liberalisation and opening it up for the global establishments have helped in the creation of new jobs in emerging fields such as IT, ITes and some of the services sector. in order to look after the requirements of the employers and the job seekers, the job scenario which is based on skills requires the employment exchanges to work properly in order to face the challenges.

  • Those seeking jobs should be registered at the exchanges so that they can get suitable assistance for getting the provided employment opportunities

  • Records are required to be maintained for those seeking jobs in the employment exchanges as per the National Classification of occupation or NCO code.

  • Suitable candidates should get their particulars submitted for the vacancies for jobs in the governments as well as the private industries through the respective employment exchanges.

  • The submitted applications of the candidates needs to be forwarded to the suitable employers when there are vacancies advertised.

  • Different categories of persons under disability should be provided with special facilities for placements through special employment exchange in Patna.

  • The highly qualified applicants should be provided with the suitable jobs and employment through proper bodies and through executive cell in the new secretariat under the directorate of employment in Patna, Bihar.