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  • In total 18 districts are covered by Chhattisgarh Employment Service in the state.
  • This service takes up the work of daily administration of the exchanges.
  • There are 13 employment exchange units for statistical returns which provide the data as part of the functioning of the administrative department, where each returns unit has the responsibility of a particular aspect of registration with varying periods.
  • Collection of data is taken care of by the Employment Market Information Programme which is done regarding the employment, occupation and education of employees, vacancies, etc in the organized sectors through the ER-I and ER-II return forms given under the act. The organized sector includes public sector organizations and those non-agricultural establishments under the private sector which have 10 or more employees.
  • Notifications of employment vacancies are provided compulsorily and employment returns of I and II are submitted by the employers
  • The exchange rules are applicable to all the organizations in the Public sector as well as in the private sector which have non-agricultural activities giving employment to 25 or more number of employees.
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