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Employment exchanges formed under the Compulsory Notification of Vacancies, Employment Exchange Act 1959 is under the department which is formed by the central statute and the rules that have been framed as under. Presently, there are 56 exchanges of employment in the state which comprise of 1 State Employment Exchange Haryana located in Panchkula, 4 exchanges for divisions, 17 exchanges for districts, 31 exchanges for sub-division and 3 for the University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux. 2 more exchanges are present at the State Employment Exchange in Panchkula, which look after the Scheduled Caste and Physically Handicapped categories.

Primarily 3 functions are included under the employment exchanges and they include the applicant registration & placement, guidance to those seeking jobs in terms of vocation and finally collecting and compiling employment market information from various organisations in the organised sector. These services by the exchanges are free of cost for those seeking jobs and those providing employment.

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