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The state of Tamil Nadu which is preferred by various multi-national companies, has started to allow its database of technical and professional manpower to be seen through online means so that the private companies can full up their professional requirements and also provide a platform to the job seekers to come nearer to their dream jobs. Private companies can go through this database and mark candidates based on specialisation in subjects, education qualifications, grade in academics, sex, age, experience and the region. Those seekers of jobs who have registered themselves with the Professional & Executive Employment Office PEEO can put their resumes and details of services so that they can get a better deal in terms of jobs. One can also renew their registration in the online portals directly. The portal also provides for the information about the guidance in careers. Companies can get to have their best employees through the online portal for jobs.

Since one can register their names online, there is no more any need of standing in queues at the exchanges for employment. At the site of www.tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in, people can register their names directly, without going to any of the offices of employment exchanges.

Renewal of registration can also be done besides registering freshly and even can make additions of qualifications directly through internet.

This is going to remove the cost of travelling to the office and other expenditures which were done by the candidates earlier.

Details of about 65 lakh candidates, who have registered their names with the exchanges of employment, can be found in the website. Verification of the candidate profiles can also be done and can bring the same to the notice of the exchanges and get these discrepancies modified by showing original documents in support of their claims.

 Professional Employment Exchange:

  • Those registered with the PEEO ccan get their registrations renewed online
  • Selecting the candidates of choice from the list which contains the registered people in the Professional and Executive Employment Exchange